Safeguarding Policy

M&M Theatrical Productions is committed to being a safe organisation in regards to child protection and the safeguarding of children.

We are also committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of all our staff.

We operate a rigorous selection process where the identity of all prospective employees is checked thoroughly.

All touring staff visiting venues will be wearing company uniform and carry photographic ID and a DBS Disclosure certificate. As our employees may be from various areas of the UK, Disclosures may vary in appearance and origin, dependant on the area of issue.

Under Data Protection law, we are not permitted to share personal data of our employees on their behalf, either prior to, or during their visit ie. Disclosure numbers, dates of birth, photographs. However, should you wish to see this information on arrival, our employees can produce this for your inspection. We are equally happy to confirm their identity by telephone, should you require this, during the time that they are on your premises.

Please be aware that retention of and/or copying or photographing of our staff personal data  documents contravenes GDPR regulations and as such we politely request that you do not retain or replicate any such documents unless the following process is followed:

  1. The staff member consents in writing to their personal data being retained and/or copied
  2. The staff member has their documents returned to them personally and witnesses any such copies being securely destroyed before departure from your premises
  3. You email to confirm that this information has been consensually copied and furthermore securely destroyed

If you have any query relating to the above information, please do not hesitate to contact us using the email address above or by telephone on 01292 618500.