The Magic of Theatre can transport everyone to a new place; the power of the arts is limitless and is something that every child should experience.

When children watch live theatre and the stage fills with colour and light, sound, drama and excitement; their senses are sharpened. The door to their imagination is suddenly wide open as they explore and inhabit a new world probably very different from their own, offering a gateway to social-emotional understanding and learning.

We transform gyms and dining halls into a magical theatrical experience, using state of the art sets, sound, lighting and special effects. Our inclusive, cross curricular productions; renowned for their high quality and attention to detail, can be relaxed and tailored where necessary to meet the needs of the audience, ensuring that children of all ages and abilities are equally engaged, educated and entertained.

“If you’re looking to book a top notch theatre group to visit school.. go to M&M Theatrical Productions. Very professional production, great post show workshops & the kids love the experience. We’ve booked another three shows over the next year.”


Carefully adapted and re-created to appeal to the whole Primary School age range, our Classic Literature Adaptations are mesmerising, engaging and full of educationally relevant themes and messages

“The children in the class were engrossed and wanted to read the story because of the show”

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Colourful, musical and packed full of fun, adventure and special effects, our pantomimes will have the whole audience cheering, booing and clapping along!

“Thank you to M&M Productions for performing for us yesterday! Oh my goodness.. it was great! The pupils loved it and we all loved hearing their laughter and singing. They especially loved shouting out the times tables!”

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An exciting and innovative new way for you and your children to continue enjoying the magic of theatre, while maintaining social distancing!

“Well done on the innovative way the production was staged; it was a brilliant idea and the children thoroughly enjoyed it!”

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“We can’t think of any improvements, it was brilliant!”


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