Confirming a booking, whether recorded vocally or in writing constitutes a “contract” between both the venue and the representative of the venue, and “M&M Theatrical Productions” along with your acceptance of these terms and conditions. All fees are due on or before the day of the performance.

A vat invoice will be sent at least 4 weeks prior to your performance date, or immediately if the performance date is within the next 4 weeks.

Fees unpaid after 14 days of a performance can be subject to a 5% surcharge of the original booking cost.



Early Termination Fee (Not subject to VAT)

An early termination fee (5% of the original booking value) comes into force 1 month after the performance is confirmed and applies up to 4 months before the performance is due to take place, at which time the cancellation fees come into force.

Cancellation Fees (Not subject to VAT)

Notice given:

(a) Less than 4 months 25% of agreed fee.

(b) Less than 3 months 50% of agreed fee.

(c) Less than 2 months 75% of agreed fee.

(d) Within 1 month of performance date 100% of agreed fee.



Should your performance be unable to take place due a “Force majeure” event such as extreme weather or unforeseen venue closure by a governing body, our contract shall not be voided, instead M&M Theatrical Productions will offer a reasonable alternative, although some of the original booking details such as show title cannot be guaranteed, you will receive a performance at a later date which will be agreed and offered subject to availability. There would be no additional fee under these circumstances.

Provided we have made a reasonable attempt to offer an alternative and if all options are declined then no further compensation will be due to you and the appropriate cancellation fee will apply.