Confirming a booking, whether recorded verbally or in writing constitutes a “contract” between both the venue and the representative of the venue, and “M&M Theatrical Productions” along with your acceptance of these terms and conditions.


Changes to your booking may be requested by telephone or email.
M&M Theatrical Productions Ltd will endeavour to accommodate change requests where possible.
Changes may incur a ‘Change Fee’ which will be added to the net fee of your booking.


Early Termination Fee (Not subject to VAT)
An early termination fee (5% of the original booking value) comes into force 1 month after the performance is confirmed and applies up to 4 months before the performance is due to take place, at which time the cancellation fees come into force.

Cancellation Fees (Not subject to VAT)
Notice given:

(a) Less than 4 months 25% of agreed fee.

(b) Less than 3 months 50% of agreed fee.

(c) Less than 2 months 75% of agreed fee.

(d) Within 1 month of performance date 100% of agreed fee.


We reserve the right to request a deposit be paid within 30 days of a new booking unless agreed otherwise.
Deposits once received are non-refundable. M&M Theatrical Productions Ltd will hold the remainder of the deposit value on account
for bookings that are cancelled with a fee less than the deposit amount. This credit can then be applied to a future booking.
Deposits that are not received within the 30-day period will have no effect or bearing on your booking, this shall remain unless cancelled
in writing by either party. Please see “CANCELLATIONS” for further details. Any deposit amount paid, will be deducted from your final invoice.


Should M&M Theatrical Productions Ltd be unable to deliver your performance due to unforeseen circumstances for example equipment / transport failure or cast member illness, we will offer to re-arrange your booking to another slot or you may cancel with no charge.

Should you be unable to receive your performance in your allocated time slot due to a “Force majeure” event resulting in an unforeseen venue closure then our contract shall not be voided, instead M&M Theatrical Productions Ltd will offer you the next available slot, although some of the original booking details such as show title cannot be guaranteed, you will receive a performance as agreed and offered subject to availability. There would be no additional fee under these circumstances. If you are unable to accept the next available slot, additional alternatives slots can be offered with an added fee.

Provided we have made a reasonable attempt to offer an alternative and if all options are declined then the appropriate cancellation fee will apply.

Performance fees are due on or before the day of the performance. An invoice will be issued approximately six weeks before the performance date.
Cancellation and Early Termination fees are due within one month of the invoice issue date. An invoice will be issued shortly after the cancellation is confirmed.
All payments must be received by the payment due date listed on your invoice or a 5% late payment fee may be applied.