Live theatre teaches children about the world; about history, about geography, about people and emotions. It can promote empathy and help youngsters to understand themselves and others.

Our enchanting Classic Literature Adaptations are presented in an easily digestible and interactive format, suitable for the whole 4 – 11 age range. These productions can be an inspiring way to learn about the past, making history come alive whilst engaging the children in tales involving characters from many different social and cultural backgrounds.

The audience will be immersed in the story and their imagination and emotions evoked in a way that promotes ongoing creative writing, reading and social and emotional discussion, aided by our accompanying curriculum based Teacher’s Resource Pack.

“All the classes in school will now do a week’s literacy based on your performance. What better way to get children engaged in writing!”

“A brilliant show full of energy, imagination, action and fun.”

Teachers’ Resource Pack

Our Classic Literature Adaptations are accompanied by a comprehensive Teachers’ Resource Pack, which serves as a stimulating, engaging and educationally relevant classroom tool, suitable for both the National Curriculum and the Curriculum for Excellence.

Packed with ideas for active lessons based on our fantastic adaptations, this pack is a valuable resource to enrich the experience of one of our productions through fun curriculum based motivational follow up activities.

“Post production – our classes have produced some brilliant written work and the resource pack was very helpful – the children were truly inspired.”

Stagecraft Workshop

Packed with exciting demonstrations, hands on practical experiences and inspiring careers advice; the Stagecraft Workshop is an exciting way to enhance the experience of our Classic Literature Adaptations, by offering the older pupils an opportunity to broaden their knowledge of the Arts combined with STEM subjects whilst enjoying a practical and unique insight into what goes on behind the scenes of the production that they have just enjoyed.

“Year 6 were lucky enough to take part in a workshop focusing on all the behind the scenes secrets that make the production happen. We learnt about the staging, props, outfits, sound and lighting! We even got to watch a quick change live in action!”

“It was awesome. The children were completely engaged, start to finish!”


“The scenery, lighting and sound effects were super and really added to the whole experience.”


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