The Health & Safety of all our employees, associates, guests, clients & customers is of paramount importance to M&M Theatrical Productions.

All members of the M&M team, both office based and touring, are thoroughly trained and continually monitored in all aspects of health & safety. The following details are of particular relevance to touring cast members whose working environment can differ daily. As the bulk of these venues are primary schools, our health & safety responsibilities are of the highest standards and are regularly scrutinized and reviewed to ensure best practice at all times.


Each Cinematic Theatre in Education Production is presented by a Headliner, who attends a comprehensive training/rehearsal period at M&M Productions Head Office prior to their tour. A significant part of the training is dedicated to Health & Safety, and includes Manual Handling, Risk Assessment, technical equipment training, safe operation of all electrical equipment, vehicle safety maintenance & procedures and Working Safely during Covid-19. Thorough training in sound checks is provided to ensure that sound levels are safe for both audience and performers in all size of venues and to accommodate any audience with special needs.

A Venue Risk Assessment checklist is completed by the Headliner after every set up in performance venues. The production will not start until this has been completed.

Vehicle Safety

We screen all potential Headliners to ensure that all drivers hold a full driving license in compliance with our insurers, NFU. All drivers are contractually required to report should they acquire any convictions during the duration of their contract.

As members of Brake Professional, all drivers are required to sign the Brake Pledge when undertaking driver training.

During training/rehearsal, Headliners are given thorough orientation and practice in their touring vehicle. This enables them to gain confidence in the size and dimensions of the vehicle under supervision. Particular attention is given to the practice of undertaking of tight manoeuvres to ensure the safety of any surrounding vehicles and pedestrians, particularly in school playgrounds.

Headliners spend a significant amount of time in their touring vehicles, so it is imperative that these vehicles are kept in optimum running order, to ensure the safety of both passengers & other road users. All the M&M Fleet are regularly serviced, safety checked and maintained to the highest of standards, the office having its own dedicated Vehicle Manager to oversee this.

Child Protection & Safeguarding

All of our staff carry Disclosures & Company issued photo ID. We operate a 3 year renewal policy for Basic Disclosure. Disclosures are checked at induction and by Company Managers at every visit, this being part of the Appraisal form checklist.

For further information, please read our Safeguarding Policy.


M&M Theatrical Productions hold full public liability & employers insurance, each to the value of £10 million. All electrical equipment is PAT tested annually.


Headliners are instructed to follow our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Policy, which outlines the following safety measures:

Headliners will self test twice weekly using Lateral Flow Testing

· Hand sanitiser will be carried and used on entry to any performance venue.

· A mask/face covering will be worn on entry to any performance venue and disposable gloves available for those venues who request their use.

· All touring equipment will be thoroughly sanitised before arriving at any venue.

· Regular hand washing is mandatory.

· Headliners will observe the appropriate guidelines for social distancing at all times.

· Headliners will adhere to any distancing restrictions advised by the venue ie. one way systems.

· Headliners will provide their own refreshments and drinks.

· No Headliner will enter a performance venue if they are experiencing any of the following symptoms: Persistent dry cough, fever, loss of smell or taste or any symptoms that may be added to the list of current Government guidelines.

· No Headliner will enter a performance venue if they have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19, or if advised by an NHS professional.

· In the event of a Headliner being diagnosed with COVID-19, M&M Theatrical Productions will contact all venues that they have visited, in accordance with current Government guidelines.

Contact Us

If you have any query relating to the above information, please do not hesitate to contact us using the email address above or by telephone on 01292 618500.